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Lecture discussion AHCB and F.A.C.E.


AHCB has implemented a strategic partnership with Austria -based consulting company FACE, which specializes in geopolitical analysis and risk reduction strategies, for its clients state institutions and leading world companies. On 13.02.2024 an online lecture and discussion was held specially prepared for the members of the Association:

"The new world and European security order: geopolitical risks, trends and scenarios," the lecturer was headed by Ms Velina Chakarova, founder of Face - For a Conscious Experience -


The lecture covered the following topics:

Introduction: An explanation of the relevance of the topic in light of recent global and regional changes. A brief overview and systematic analysis of the events that have led to the current geopolitical situation.

Analysis of the global situation: Examining key powers on the international stage (USA, China, Russia, EU, etc.) and their influence on world order.

European perspectives: Emphasis on European security and how European countries respond to global challenges.

Geopolitical Risks, Trends, and Scenarios: A discussion of various scenarios for the future, including potential conflicts, economic crises, technological change, and climate threats.

Strategies and policies to address risks: An analysis of various strategies and policies that can be implemented by various countries and international organizations to reduce risks and maintain stability.

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